It was exciting to learn this week that NeurIPS — one of the top AI research publication venues in the world — will now require authors to submit statements about the societal impacts of their research. This is a big change. In 2018, I worked with a group in the ACM FCA on the proposal that inspired this change. When the FCA proposal hit Twitter, HackerNews, etc. two years ago, it prompted an enormous and insightful discussion. …

Your thoughts on a post-2016 HCI research agenda are requested for a panel at next week’s CHI 2017 conference! Upload them here!

The 2016 U.S. campaign and the events that have followed have made clear more than ever that human-computer interaction is a defining issue of our time. From usable security to online propaganda to automation’s effects on employment, a litany of HCI topics has played a key role in many of the past year’s major events.

The importance of HCI to the social welfare of the United States and countries around the world presents the SIGCHI community with both…

Many in the human-computer interaction community are feeling a sense of despondency after Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election. It’s certainly a sentiment I share, especially with respect to what the results may mean for racial and ethnic minorities, the environment, and democratic norms. However, this often pessimistic fellow has an unusually optimistic perspective to offer: I believe that this election affords the HCI community a tremendous opportunity — and a tremendous responsibility — to make the world a better place.

More specifically, if we look at the campaign and the issues it has raised through an HCI lens, a substantial research…

Brent Hecht

I’m an associate professor at Northwestern University and Director of Applied Science at Microsoft. web:

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