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  • Scott Robertson

    Scott Robertson

    Professor and Department Chair, Information and Computer Sciences, University of Hawaii at Manoa. I study HCI, sociotechnical systems, and digital government.

  • Shinhae Bang

    Shinhae Bang

  • Nick LaLone

    Nick LaLone

    PhD: Information Science. Programming Pedagogy, Data Science, Crisis-Informatics, Map Interfaces, Science and Technology Studies, Play, and Game Studies.

  • Nicholas Teague

    Nicholas Teague

    Writing for fun and because it helps me organize my thoughts. I also write software to prepare data for machine learning at automunge.com

  • Toby Jiajun Li

    Toby Jiajun Li

  • Youyang Hou

    Youyang Hou

    UX Researcher @Google. PhD @UMSI. I am interested in HCI, CSCW, and UX Research.

  • Patrick Erichsen

    Patrick Erichsen

  • Madeline E. Smith

    Madeline E. Smith

    Computer Science Faculty @ Colgate University

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